Manufacturing Excellence | Marc Laboratories Ltd

A biding by our corporate philosophy of striving for continuous improvement and betterment, the Company has re-located its manufacturing operations at the state-of-the-art plant at Baddi, located 20 km from Chandigarh, the capitol capital of Punjab. Spread over two lac sq. ft. acres of land, the new manufacturing unit fully equipped with world class production capabilities.

Truly unique in every sense of the term, the Plant's standards and facilities can match any other, worldwide. Seven ‘zones of cleanliness' have been defined and adhered to, as per the 1997 GMP guidelines of the European Union. Some of the salient features of the design concepts:

  • No wood or asbestos component.
  • Each zone has separate AHUs (Air Handling Units), dehumidification unit and dust extraction systems.
  • Segregation of every critical processing activity in each zone, to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Respective zones, areas and even uniforms marked to ensure total segregation.
  • Air environment conditioned in each area with respect to temperature, humidity, filtration, particle counts, etc.
  • Duo Pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system, multi-stage distillation plant, self-sanitizing, sanitary SS 31 6L loops water, water for injection with online monitoring of pH, temperature, conductivity and TOC requirements as per USP XXIV.
  • Zero-discharge Effluent Treatment Plant constructed.
  • Environment-friendly VAHP chillers.
  • Isolated and dedicated production facilities for B-Lactum and Cephalosporin dosage forms.

The Plant is equipped with modern high-speed machines and integrated packaging lines to be cost efficient. Extensive use of non-fill devices, collators, Visual inspection machines, multi-station tablet presses, FFS machines, high speed vial/ampoule filler/sealers are some of the examples. 

The plant—with high capacities and scope for future expansion—is capable of manufacturing all dosage forms viz. Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals, Dry Syrups, Aseptic Liquid and Solid preparations, Sachets etc.

Main Pharma Production Capacity

2 Shift / day basis /6 day week
Tablets 4500 million/annum
Capsules313 million/annum
Liquids1565 Kilo Liters/annum
Sterile vialsDRY -18.78 million/annum 
LIQUID -50 million/annum
Ampoules125 million/annum
Granules2500 Tons/annum
2 Shift / day basis
Beta Lactum / Cephalosporin
Dry Sterile vials18.78 million/annum